The Noir Style

The Noir Style is the first and only book-length study of the unique, visual expressions of film noir. Originally published in a due-tone hardcover edition by the Overlook Press in November, 1999 and released in paperback in early 2004, The Noir Style is an over-sized [12 by 12 inch] volume illustrated with the most striking images produced by the filmmakers of the classic noir period. After succinctly tracing the antecedents of film noir in the plastic arts of the early 20th century, the authors consider in depth the themes and moods at the core of the cycle and then conclude with images from today's successor, the neo-noir genre. There are over 150 meticulously reproduced duo-tone illustrations and several sub-sections on special aspects of film noir.

The Contents page of The Noir Style is reproduced below.

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Chapter One         Out of the Past

Chapter Two         Night and the City

Chapter Three      Deadly is the Female

Chapter Four        The Dark Mirror

Chapter Five        The Reckless Moment

Chapter Six           Night has a Thousand Eyes

Chapter Seven      Neo-Noir

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