The Samurai Film

The Samurai Film--3rd Edition

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To read An Essay on Samurai Spy for the Criterion Collection DVD release.
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Listen to radio interviews on samurai film from the

Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC

the Book Guys on NPR
[L.A. Noir is first, so scroll in to 22:00 for the samurai film portion]

and the Speakeasy with Dorian Devins on WFMU
[Another author is first, so scroll in to 32:00 for the samurai film portion]

Other Reviews:

The Austin Chronicle [Louis Black]


Movie Poop Shoot (Doug Holm]
[review of the Criterion "Rebel Samurai" at the top; book review at the bottom)

A links page of sites with capsule comments on samurai films for sale or rent is in preparation.
Currently the only site dedicated solely to samurai films is Merlin' David's Samurai DVD.

Also of interest The Modern Amazons: Warrior Women on Screen

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