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As an adjunct to their other texts on film noir [please see the By the Same Authors links just below], since 1996 Alain Silver and James Ursini have edited the Film Noir Reader series. Just completed is Film Noir Reader 4, another anthology of 20 never-before-published case studies and articles and the forth in the series of essential texts on film noir published by Limelight Editions. Film Noir Reader 2 The first volume was published by Limelight Editions in May, 1996, the second volume in June, 1999, and the third in December, 2002. Film Noir Reader 4 was published in late summer, 2004. Reader 5? Perhaps if we can think of a concept. The original Film Noir Reader reproduces in one volume seven seminal essays on film noir and fourteen other articles, either long out of print or original to that anthology, which consider many of the key films, directors, and themes of film noir. There are also over 200 illustrations. CLICK HERE or on the cover for the Contents and other information.

Film Noir Reader 2 contains eight additional seminal articles and 16 other essays. To see the contents of FNR 2 CLICK HERE here or on the cover.

Film Noir Reader 3 contains 18 never-before-published interviews with filmmakers of the classic period. To see the contents of FNR 3 CLICK HERE here or on the cover. Film Noir Reader 3

Film Noir Reader 4 contains new essays by Robert Porfirio, J.P. Telotte, and Film Noir Reader 4R. Barton Palmer among others. CLICK HERE here or on the cover.

To order any of the Film Noir Readers you can contact Limelight Editions via FAX at (973) 835-6504 or check contacts at or snail mail at 512 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. For On-line orders try Amazon Books at Amazon. [This link takes you directly to the first book. For links to the others use THIS PAGE or Amazon's general information.]

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