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(last updated July 12, 1998)

Soundtrack Info Sites  A comprehensive site incorporating a discography of all soundtracks, reviews, composer info, and a "marketplace" for classified-ad-type sales, and an FAQ adapted from the bulletin board. To access their marketplace CLICK HERE.

Soundtrack Net.  Another comprehensive site with soundtracks listings including track title availabel via search, links, and a marketplace.

Film Score Monthly, an on-line adjunct to the magazine with frequent new articles and features.

MovieScore On-Line, another site supporting a film music magazine, this one originating from Goteborg (best known for Volvo), with on-line features from that magazine and also Music From The Movies.

MovieTunes. An as yet unfocused site spun off a radio show and chat room commercially sponsored by the LA Times. Some reviews, bios, and misc.

Soundtrack Cinema. A listing of the featured material on Ford Thaxton's radio show, accessed through Film.Com's home page.

Filmtracks. Lots of reviews.

Film Score. A personal faves page with top ten list and reviews.

Henk`s Soundtrack Corner. A mixed-bag page with comments, trade bait, and "dubbing service"?! Out of Belgium and worth a look for that continental viewpoint.

Movie Soundtracks. An elaborate site (cross-linked to a site promoting shoestring independent films) with the whole personal collection up, some links, and the usual FAQ.

Soundtrack Resource Center. A fairly large database of of soundtracks, some with covers reproduced, that includes track listings. As TV music, compilations, bios, etc.

The Soundtrack Web is effectively defunct (and according to its author Kurt Gjerde soon to be dismantled). He recommends his newer opus: The Bernard Herrmann Pages.

Society for the Preservation of Film Music is a new location for this org. apparently hosted by rare soundtrack seller "ple king cole" [see below].

CD Sales and Service -- Soundtrack specialists

Classical Choice. A combo outlet with sub-sites for Varese, Milan, and others. (Can't these guys put together their own sites? Are they techno-challenged? See immediately below.) Some used and some discounts (enhanced if you pay a membership fee).

Intrada Movie Soundtracks. A little knowledge...not longer a vanilla, utilitarian site but not exactly a large store. Good deals on Intrada out-of-prints.

Rare Soundtrack CD's for Sale or Trade. A private seller with some interesting titles.

                                     -- General CDs
[These retailers all have search engines, take plastic, and offer discounts. "Standard" soundtrack price appears in parentheses after each Link.]

CDworld CDs [$12.47/13.47, lots of soundtracks]

Compact Disc Connection [$13.19/13.55, not as many as above]

A B CD's Home Page {$14.59, very few soundtracks, maybe some used bargains]

CDNOW - The biggest CD shop on the Web [$13.97, claiming to be the biggest, certainly not the cheapest but the most combersome search engine]

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