Horror Film Reader

Alain Silver and James Ursini have recently edited Horror Film Reader for publication in Fall, 2000. Patterned after the widely-used Film Noir Reader, this 320-page critical anthology contains twenty essays ranging over the breadth of the genre including reprints of important seminal pieces from Sight and Sound, Films and Filming, Film Comment, Photon, and Midi-Minuit Fantastique as well as new essays. This volume will also include nearly 100 illustrations.

The Contents page of Horror Film Reader is reproduced below.


Part One: Seminal Essays

"Ghoulies and Ghosties,"
Curtis Harrington (1952)

"Horror Films,"
William K. Everson(1954)

"The Subconscious: from Pleasure Castle to Libido Hotel,"
Raymond Durgnat (1958)

"The Face of Horror,"
Derek Hill (1958)

"A Bloody New Wave in the United States,"
Jean-Claude Romer (1964)

"Horror is My Business,"
Terence Fisher (1964)

"The Horror Film: Polanski and Repulsion,"
Ivan Butler (1967)

"From Voyeurism to Infinity,"
Raymond Lefevre (1968)

"Mario Bava: the Illusion of Reality,"
Alain Silver and James Ursini (1975)

Part Two: New Perspectives

"Neglected Nightmares,"
Robin Wood

"Is the Devil American? William Dieterle's The Devil and Daniel Webster,"
Tony Williams

"Violence, Women, and Disability in Tod Browning's Freaks and The Devil Doll,"
Madeleine Cahill and Martin F. Norden

"Monsters as (Uncanny) Metaphors,"
Steven Schneider

"The Anxiety of Influence: Georges Franju and the Medical Horror shows of Jess Franco,"
Joan Hawkins

"Seducing the Subject: Freddy Krueger,"
Ian Conrich

"What Rough Beast? Insect Politics and The Fly,"
Linda Brookover and Alain Silver

"Demon Daddies: Gender, Ecstasy and Terror in the Possession film,"
Tanya Krzywinska

"Women on the Verge of a Gothic Breakdown: The Horrible Dr. Hichcock,"
Glenn Erickson

"Candyman: Urban Space, Fear, and Entitlement,"
Aviva Briefel and Sianne Ngai

"The Haunting and the Power of Suggestion,"
Pam Keesey

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