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Gangster Film Reader Gangster Film Reader, published by Amadeus/Limelight in early 2007. An anthology of critical essays on the genre, including seminal articles from Warshaw, Clarens, Sarris, and Wood:

 Part One: Seminal Work

 The Gangster as Tragic Hero (1948)
 Robert Warshow

 Scarface (from Howard Hawks, 1968)
 Robin Wood

                                      The Gangster Film (1970)
                                      John Baxter

                                      Iconography of the Gangster Film (from Underworld USA, 1972)
                                      Colin McArthur

                                      Little Caesar and its role in the gangster film genre (1972)
                                      Stuart Kaminsky

                                      Yakuza-eiga: a Primer (1974)
                                      Paul Schrader

                                      Big funerals: the Hollywood Gangster, 1927-1933 (1977)
                                      Andrew Sarris

                                      Post-code Gangster Movies (from Gangsters on the Screen, 1978)
                                      Frank Manchel

                                      All in the Family, the Godfather Saga (from Crime Movies, 1980)
                                      Carlos Clarens

                                    Part Two: Case Studies

                                      A Gangster Unlike the Others: Gordon Wiles' The Gangster
                                      Reynold Humphries

                                      White Heat: I Am Cody Jarrett, Destroyer of Worlds
                                      Glenn Erickson

                                      The Gangster According to Aldrich
                                      Alain Silver

                                      A Study in Ambiguity: The Godfather and the American Gangster Movie Tradition
                                      Geoff Fordham

                                      De Palma's Postmodern Scarface and the Simulacrum of Class
                                      Ronald Bogue

                                      Yoked Together By Violence: Prizzi's Honor as a Generic Hybrid
                                      Tina Welsch

                                      Way of Life: GoodFellas and Casino
                                      Constantine Verevis

                                      Takeshi Kitano: Melancholy Poet of the Yakuza Film
                                      James Ursini,

                                    Part Three: Contemporary Views

                                      The British Gangster Film
                                      Tony Williams

                                      Reforming Hollywood Gangsters: Crime and Morality from Populism to Patriotism
                                      Sheri Chinen Biesen

                                      A New Kind of Girl for a New Kind of World
                                      Dominique Mainon

                                      The Gangster and Film Noir: Themes and Style
                                      Alain Silver

                                      Hits, Whacks, and Smokes: The Celluloid Gangster as Horror Icon
                                      Catherine Don Diego

                                      Fukasaku and Scorsese: Yakuzas and Gangsters
                                      Joaquin da Silva

                                      The Hong Kong Gangster Movie
                                      Tony Williams

                                      Family Values and Feudal Codes: The Social Politics of America's Fin-de-Siecle Gangster
                                      Ingrid Walker

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